A podcast about connections - in film and in life.

Role Credits is a show about making connections in film. Erin & Mandy of Armbar Studios choose a subject - actor, crew member, grand concept - and follow a selection of films involving said subject. Along the way they hope to entertain and shine a light on the historical context behind the films they cover and what it means to the subject of each "arc", as well as review the movies as they come.

Chris Farley, Part 2: Black Sheep (1996)


Continuing the story of Chris Farley, we move from Midwest classic Tommy Boy to Penelope Spheeris's Black Sheep. We dive into its troubled production and dissect how Farley was used in this film, as well as go on tangents about how much - or little - this movie had to say about the political process, as well as the one thing that could have saved this movie from the get-go. Can this comedy, which was written in a week, win our vote? Also featuring the debut of two new segments - At The Movies At The Time, and Let's Get Physical. | Intro & Outro Music - "Wardrobe MalfunKtion" produced by Danya Vodovoz - https://danyavodovoz.bandcamp.com/track/wardrobe-malfunktion - Royalty-Free Music.



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