A podcast about connections - in film and in life.

Role Credits is a show about making connections in film. Erin & Mandy of Armbar Studios choose a subject - actor, crew member, grand concept - and follow a selection of films involving said subject. Along the way they hope to entertain and shine a light on the historical context behind the films they cover and what it means to the subject of each "arc", as well as review the movies as they come.

Chris Farley, Part 1: Tommy Boy (1995)


In our first official episode of Role Credits, we start our arc with a deep dive into the history of Chris Farley, his time on SNL, and his first film, Peter Segal's Tommy Boy. Mandy uses multiple sources to piece together his career trajectory going into the making of this movie, talks about growing up in Wisconsin where Tommy Boy was an institution, and breaks down the themes of family and melancholy present in the film. Then we talk about how funny it is. We dedicate this podcast to the Midwesterners, because that's what we are, and that's who we care about. | Intro & Outro Music - "Wardrobe MalfunKtion" produced by Danya Vodovoz - https://danyavodovoz.bandcamp.com/track/wardrobe-malfunktion - Royalty-Free Music.



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