A podcast about connections - in film and in life.

Role Credits is a show about making connections in film. Erin & Mandy of Armbar Studios choose a subject - actor, crew member, grand concept - and follow a selection of films involving said subject. Along the way they hope to entertain and shine a light on the historical context behind the films they cover and what it means to the subject of each "arc", as well as review the movies as they come.

Pilot: Kane - See No Evil (2006)


In this pilot episode of Role Credits, Erin & Mandy break down WWE Studios' See No Evil, starring the pro wrestling character Kane playing the slasher movie character Jacob Goodnight. We discuss the in-character history of Kane and the context behind the movie, because they're a lot more interlinked than one would expect. Where were you on May 19th? Contains full spoilers for See No Evil. | Intro & Outro Music - "Wardrobe MalfunKtion" produced by Danya Vodovoz - https://danyavodovoz.bandcamp.com/track/wardrobe-malfunktion - Royalty-Free Music.



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